Genuine Connection Promotions (Pty) Ltd is committed to proactively promoting awareness of environmental management responsibilities in the company.

Our policy is to ensure that operations in the company utilise environmentally acceptable practices that benefit our environment, our customers, our employees and the community at large.  Where viable, we will minimise our use of water and energy, our emissions to air and water, and to contain our production of waste.

Air, water and waste – we have to comply with environmental as well as health and safety regulations. Where our operations fall within prescribed regulations we undertake regulatory assessments; our operations remain well within these parametres.

We encourage our departments to:

  • focus on their carbon footprint by optimising efficiencies in an effort to reduce energy usage and fuel consumption;

  • Strive to keep waste materials to a minimum and to recycle efficiently in an effort to reduce and dispose of waste in a safe and responsible manner; and

  • To be mindful of our impact on water resources, wherever possible.

We have a waste management programme in place that sort, reuse, sell or discard waste material. We participate in our local municipality’s recycling programme in order to:

  • Save space for their local landfill sites that are rapidly approaching maximum capacity;

  • Help put valuable materials back into the recycle manufacturing process; and

  • Help reduce the effects of global warming.