Our People


As our vision reflects, we believe in teamwork and this is visible in our culture. We have a formal approach to culture development through our world-class culture programme. This programme is designed and implemented with the input and involvement of all the leaders in the company and is rolled out in phases. We carefully monitor and track the impact of the programme and measure elements such as employee satisfaction, leadership quality, customer satisfaction, improvements, quality, efficiency and productivity to determine if we can make a positive difference through our culture. Some of our measurements include staff metrics such as attendance and retention stats. Our desire is for people to WANT to work here and in doing so BE A CONTRIBUTION and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our company, our environment and to our customers. Through our focus on teamwork we constantly strive to make things better.

Although we have a culture development programme in place, we also have some formal structures in place to assist us in ensuring better EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. Some of these are our Workers Engagement Forum, our Employment Equity Forum and our quarterly staff information sessions.

Skills & Career

We started our own skills centre for training young, unskilled and unemployed people to become sewing machinists in January 2016.

During 2016 we have already appointed 14 new, young machinists with another 6 who are nearly ready for their final assessments and graduation. Genuine Connection Promotions participate fully in the skills development initiatives the country has to offer e.g. through SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority). We are a part of the clothing industry, therefore, partake under the Fibre Processing and Manufacturing SETA. (FP&M SETA).

In 2016 we were awarded grants for two SETA funded programmes which was used to appoint ten new learners in a learnership programme for Basic Sewing Machinist. This is a new industry qualification. These learners are unemployed youngsters who could get a formal qualification as well as approximately one years working experience with us during 2017.

Our other funded programme is for Skills Development to empower our Supervisors who play such an important role in our manufacturing process. Our company goal is to train each and every employee at least twice per year on either a job, compliance, or further developmental level.


We have over 200 permanent employees.

  • Production Management
  • Quality Control
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Pattern Making
  • Sewing Machinists

  • Embroidery Machinists

  • Sublimation Print and Press Operators

  • Screen Printers

  • Accountant

  • Sales Reps

  • Graphic Designers

  • Buyers

  • Drivers

  • Human Resources

  • Sewing Machine Mechanics

  • Office Administration

Permanent Employees

Human Rights

Genuine Connection Promotions is very proud to be associated with world class clients such as Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Canterbury and other such famous and international brands. These brands are all well known for their stringent and very strict standards for fair labour practices, safe working environments and responsibility towards the environment as well as social responsibilities. Genuine Connection Promotions believe in these same human rights and other principles and are proud to say that our customers can hold us to higher standards – which we meet.

Health & Safety

We provide a safe and hygienic working environment to all our staff with occupational health and safety practices in place to prevent accidents and injuries. This includes protection from fire, accidents, toxic substances or any other hazardous or dangerous working conditions. We have better than adequate lighting, heating/ cooling and ventilation systems to create a comfortable and pleasant working environment. Our employees have access to a canteen area and sanitary facilities – including access to special hand-wash and water drinking facilities.

B-BBEE Status

We participate in an annual B-BBEE verification process and are B-BBEE compliant.


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Code of Conduct

We at Genuine Connection Promotions declare our earnest adherence to the respect of Human Rights. As such, we share our commitment to high ethical standards and guarantee the following Code of Conduct.

  • A workplace which promotes health and safety of the workers as well as the protection and prevention of the environment.

  • A normal workweek of 45 hours, up to a maximum of 60 hours, including one day off for every seven-day-week as well as an overtime compensation according to local law.

  • A fair compensation essential to meeting basic needs, and all benefits mandated by law.

  • Respect and equality, regardless of race, creed, age, social origin, political views, sex or position.

  • A workplace where there is dignity and respect, free from any harassment, abuse or corporal punishment.

  • Freedom of association and the right to join labour movements or other work industry related associations.


Giving Back
to Community

Genuine Connection Promotions is a strong believer in giving back to the community. We are the proud sponsor of the 1st Rugby team of Rondebosch Boys‘ High and supply them with their full on- and off-field clothing kit. The WP Mini Rugby Day includes the co-sponsorship of the rugby jerseys for all the children participating in the event. The WP Youth Rugby is another initiative we sponsor in full. We will continue this support to make sure the youngsters keep experiencing opportunities like these.


Genuine Connection Promotions gets evaluated annually by a benchmarking report compiled by B&M analysts. The report evaluates the value chain
competitiveness position of Gencon through the application of B&M Analysts’ Market-driven Methodology and related analytical tools.